[Vwdiesel] cam lock -- Pump Lock

Mary Beth and Chris Geiser geiser at execpc.com
Thu Dec 11 18:16:16 EST 2003

I think my best was setting my travel coffee mug on the top of my Rabbit
on a -10 degree F day; I drove a half hour to work, only to find the mug
frozen, cracked, and ice molded to the roof of the Rabbit.  I then
understood the funny looks on the way to work...

(I have forgotten to take out the injector pump lock also, but after all
of the similar stories, that seems common...)

The other not so serious one is forgetting to take the tin can (to keep
rain out) off the 2 cyl JD tractor muffler and starting it up...
launches the can and scares the heck out of you...


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And driving away forgetting to put the oil filler cap or the dipstick
in.  Talk about messy.  The sad part is that I drove around all day
that I must have spilled oil, that's why there was smoke coming from
the hood ...

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> hello..
> my name is cassie
> and ive forgotten to remove the cam lock plate(file) :o)
> its been 6 months since i last touched one.
> so ,..now,
>  leaving the oil plug out.
> .or forgetting to connect
> a heater hose (before filling)
> ((only to find out the messy way..))
> is beginning to sound like almost acceptable
> practice :o)
> (how come you always remember what you forgot a nanosecond
> too late?)
> cassie.
> slightly forgetful.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`
> So we had a compatriate (H.C.) forget a cam lock plate--
> Have others, besides me, left the inj pump timing pin in??
> (Made the belt jump a few cogs)
> Dan Cotter
>   Done both!  Chipped one cam and the only time I ever left the pin in
> a
> car it was still in need of removing a broken alt. stud.  So I timed
> it and
> left with a lot of stuff still not on the engine.  Next time I needed
> my pin
> of it was gone.  Of course the guy they took it to for the broken stud
> never say it in there.  :P  Never got the chance to try and start it
> with
> it in.  :)  I have started/cranked a few with a 1/2" drive rachet
> still
> hanging on the crank bolt though!
>      Loren
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