[Vwdiesel] cams - turbo vs NA ---( I know jack about them )

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Thu Dec 11 21:48:50 EST 2003

>   Actually what always impressed me about German cars is how LITTLE
> they change things from year to year!  American cars change so much that
> in two years you only recognize the name and emblem!  VW utilizes existing
> parts, rather than making a new one, so much that you often just expect
> it to be used in several models and such.  For example our rear pinion
> bearing are a type III wheel bearing.

  I was always impressed with how much was interchangeable with GM cars &
trucks. I used to run Toyotas, too, and a lot of their stuff was able to be
swapped around.


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