[Vwdiesel] Air in the fuel line problems

Pavneet Arora pavneet_arora at waroc.com
Mon Dec 29 22:04:13 EST 2003

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net wrote:
Mon Dec 29 03:04:51 EST 2003

Don't sweat it unless the air is still there days from now, it takes quite a
while to work it's way out. If still there days from now, check all
connections for airtightness.  However, this is much more easily said than
done... basically tighten what you can tighten, ensure the hose clamps are
not distorting the hose and clamping well, that sort of thing.

Well it seems that you were right James.  I took the car for a longish
spin and came back to check the hose and guess what, the bubbles are gone.
 I wouldn't have thunk it, but there it is.  My OBD II sensor pulled a
P0380 code related to glow plug "malfunction".  I reset it and everything
is humming quietly again.

Next time around, I will make sure that I pull fuel all the way up to the
pump using the siphon before I attempt to start the car.

BTW, the Canadian pricing for the three-part fuel line from the filter to
the pump is C$113 while for the control valve on top of the filter is
C$37; just FYI.  I had phoned a dealer first thing this morning just in
case I needed to order these bits and these were the prices that they
quoted.  I was more shocked about the key fob which was quoted at C$50! 
Yikes.  Both of ours are worn out (well one works but the buttons are
completely worn) so we just use the key in the door; how quaint ;-).

Again many thanks for all of your help.


Pavneet Arora

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