[Vwdiesel] Should I keep or bail now?

Forrest L King forrestking at juno.com
Sat Feb 8 10:15:48 EST 2003

pumps cost anywhere from 300 rebuilt to 525 new....  you just have to
look around.   Why bail now?  Stick with it till you get your money out
of it.  you are in for 1000 and expect another 400 in the next year,
that means 1400 dollar car.  I'd make sure to drive it for at elast 1.5
years to feel like I got a good deal.   However,  if you assume a new car
payment is about 325 dollars,  you only need to drive it for 5 months
(4.37) to 'save' money.  Another thing -  If you also save receipts for
all work that is done - your car will retain value like no other.  You
should be  able to sell a running driving diesel of any mileage for 800
to 1000 dollars.


P.S.  If you decide to sell,  don't buy the tires or the belt and I'll
buy it for what you have in it :)

On Sat, 08 Feb 2003 07:21:08 -0500 "Andy Mann" <andymann at adelphia.net>
> Ok...I need some advice again. I have an 86 Jetta diesel that I
> have currently about $600 into (purchase price + exhaust).  I need
> to have a timing belt, starter and new tires put on. This would
> bring
> me up to about $1000 invested. The car has 300k on it (mostly
> highway from previous owner) and seems to run ok. The prior
> owner seemed very responsible and kept all records...even oil
> changes. He also bought the car from his boss who was just as
> responsible I'm told.
>  My question is....where do I draw the line? I'm told the injector
> pump starts to go around 300k and cost about $900 to repair.
> Clutch seems ok but don't know how much life it has left. Body ok
> as well with a few repairs but looks fine. Interior fine. Is it
> worth
> getting this car up to speed or should I just cut my losses before
> I
> get nickled and dimed to death? This car was made in Germany
> which I hear is a plus. It started pretty good even in the cold
> before
> the starter went. No oil in anti-freeze or milkshakes when you open
> the oil filler cap. The air conditioner even works! Waterpump,
> altenator,glowplugs and brakes all done recently(by previous
> owner).
> What does the list think? Is it worth investing in or should I bail
> now? What else can I look forward to going wrong? Any advice
> would be appreciated.
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