[Vwdiesel] Oil Light/Buzzer

Tyler "Casioqv" Backman casioqv at usermail.com
Fri Feb 14 15:24:34 EST 2003

I don't know if this applies to VW diesels, but Diesel semi Trucks, and
my Diesel suburban will _never_ reach operating temperature in very cold
temperatures unless the motor is running very hard, because their simply
isn't enough heat energy produced by the motor to overcome the heat loss
from cold air flowing over the outside of the block. This can easily be
remedied by putting cardboard in front of the engine grill to reduce
airflow in the engine compartment (plus there is usually some coolant
flow even with thermostat closed). Anyway, a multiviscosity oil like
5w50 will still maintain proper viscosity. I have heard that there are
downsides to oils with a very high ratio between the low and high temp
viscositys. I guess the additives that cause these properties, also
cause a lot of sludge buildup (and if your motor is turbocharged can
cause turbo bearings to coke up). I doubt this applies to synthetic oil,
but am not sure...

'84 Volvo Diesel 2.4 liter
'82 Chevy Suburban 6.2 4WD w/ Banks Turbo Kit at 9psi (excellent towing
rig for large loads)

Harmon Seaver wrote:

 >     You still need oil heavy enough to provide lube when it gets
heated up, and,
 > after all, the engine is going to be every bit as hot in January at
-20F as it
 > is in July at 100F -- once it's up to operating temp, or at least if
you've got
 > the proper thermostat.

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