[Vwdiesel] new truck owner comments

Bradley Flubacher flub at adelphia.net
Sat Feb 15 11:52:28 EST 2003

I just transferred the title today for my new rabbit pickup truck. It's
an '82 5 spd diesel with low original miles. The engine seems to be
pretty solid. There seems to be a brake vaccuum leak somewhere, because
you must warm up the engine a bit before the power brakes work. I'm
going to check hose clamps and the obvious things first. I'm hoping
that's an easy fix.  The body is in fair shape. There is a rusty hole
the passenger door trailing edge. Another small hole on the fender.
There's a bit of other superficial rust spots that will easily be taken
care of.

The transmission seems to need a fluid change badly. I think the linkage
needs a good cleaning and lubrication too. It's pretty tough shifting.
The shift pattern is noticably compact compared to my 4 spd.

The truck came with a cap. It looks pretty nice. I could possibly use a
new seal and maybe window seals in it. If I had it apart for new seals,
I'd certainly clean the heck out of it (car wash pressure washer?) and
paint it up.

The bed is very clean. There were cleats installed that would have to be
removed to put the cap on. The tail gate is a little wobbly. It latches
closed, but there seems to be excessive play in it. I'll need to look
into this.

It needs a new rear bumper and new ends on the front bumper.

I'm going to pick up a nice set of VW alloys at the junk yard when it
warms up.  :)

* Is there a mailing list for truck owners to answer some specific
questions? (How to fix the tailgate)

State College, PA

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