[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 1 from Hagar.(lube)

Mike Maguire mmaguire at dircon.co.uk
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Mmmm ... so you think the oil can be "thin" when cold and "thick when hot?
The answer probably lies in the characteristics of long-chain polymers in
multigrade oils. When cold, they sort of stay tightly wrapped, so the oil
can flow as well as poss cold. As they heat up, they uncurl and effectively
prevent the oil from becoming too thin when very hot. Simple fact is that
very cold oil does pour as though much thicker than when very hot. These
polymers modify that characteristic towards a more optimal performance.

Ok, that's just a hazy recollection from reading up on this (lay person, no
scientific background whatsoever folks!).

Exeter, UK

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I wish someone with a good understanding of the  15W40 oil that I use year
round,would step forward and explain.I had people tell me that  "W" oils get
thicker when they get hot , absolute balderdash ,codwaddle I say.
I am an old geezer who used oils before the W showed up.It is my
understanding that  the 15W40 I use means that it cranks like a straight 15
at the low temp,and lubricates as a straight 40 at the higher temp.Book say
ESSO 15 W 40 is good to minus 20 centigrade. So sir help us out we need to
know ,thank you.     Hagar.

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