[Vwdiesel] Rotella Synthetic

James Hansen jhsg at sk.sympatico.ca
Sun Feb 16 21:02:29 EST 2003


Yeah, makes sense.  Here, everything but the 0-40 is a blend.  IIRC, 10-40
is 65%, 10-30 is 45%.  I use the 10-40 in some pretty heavy duty
applications, one of which is in the 8 valve gasser in my Melroe 220 Spray
Coupe. It runs at max output for all the time I am field spraying.  I was
having some trouble with 15-40 T breaking down, but so far the 10-40 SB  is
working very well- it runs the full season, no oil trouble. The exhaust
manifold runs bright cherry red when working... it's a real cooker on oil,
as bad as a high perf. aircooled engine.

> Rotella in the US is different than in Canada.  In the US 5w-40 is a full
> synthetic, not a blend.
> Chris Thornton

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