[Vwdiesel] My diesel won't squirt

Sandy Cameron scameron at compmore.net
Wed Feb 19 22:05:33 EST 2003

At 09:33 PM 2/19/03 EST, you wrote:
>  Make sure the pump is full of fuel first.  Pull the return line banjo bolt
>fitting and make be sure it's to the top or near it.  Then try sticking both
>ends of the lines in a can of fuel and start.  Of course be sure your
>lines are tightened back up.  ;-)  THEN if it won't start it's either the
>in the pump or the seal on the front.  If it does start, especially if the
>level was way down, then start looking for leaking hoses and connections.
>     Loren

I've found one way to eliminate all the fuel transfer (lines, fittings,
valves, tank, etc) agony is to arrange an IV drip with a jug of diesel
suspended well above the engine, and start a syphon, or just  set it up like
a hose bag, so gravity will "push" the fuel into the pump, assisting the
vane pump, and squirting fuel out through the leaks that let the air in,
identifing them.
I used this method to prove my pump shaft seal was so dry and worn that fuel
squirted out around it when the fuel was fed by gravity.
Sucking is fraught with peril, it's better to blow.

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