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Nate Wall nwall at opei.org
Thu Feb 20 09:08:51 EST 2003

The stock thermostat on my '85 Jetta TD is the '87 deg. C one.

Also, I suggest replacing the glow plugs (just the two behind the pump if $ is
real tight), since they are so hard toi get at. Replace the water pump, too. All
the belts, and possibly the hoses, depending on condition. How are the
injectors? Also, replace the fuel return line between the injectors.



Mike and Tanya Atkisson wrote:

> I just purchased a 1981 VW Pickup with a 1.6l diesel engine without A/C.  It
> was not running and already had the head removed.  The head had at least 3
> bent valves and all the seats between the seats were cracked.
> My local machine shop said that it would cost a minimun of $350 to rebuild
> the head.
> I have decided to buy a rebuilt head off the internet.  The company is
> offereing a 12 month/12k mile warranty.
> While trying to read the code on my engine I discovered there are no Letters
> or Numbers on the block.
> After a little cleaning I discovered the block is painted green and had a
> sticker from VW of Cananda stating that it is a remanufactured engine.  In
> the spot in English on the sticker there is no Engine code listed, but in
> French is says Code CR.
> Since I live in a very small city, I was planning on ordering all of the
> additional parts that I will need to put the engine back together from an
> online source.  I have noticed that most of the online stores are using the
> same parts software from Worldpac.  Some of the notes that are on the items
> that I need are confusing.
> I am looking at ordering the following parts from this website since their
> is no tax and shipping is free.
> http://drivewire.com/
> Here are the parts I am not 100% sure of;
> Head bolts. (11 or 12??) (I belive mine are 12mm with washer, but I am not
> 100% sure)
> Head gasket (Mine has 1 notch)
> Head gasket set (????) no choice for how many notches
> Thermostat (70C, 80C, 87C, or 92C)???
> Aux fan switch (2 pin / 95-90C or 102-97C)???
> Diesel Inj Hose (20m roll, black, or yellow)???
> I also plan on ordering all new mounts, timing belt and tensioner, and all
> new cooling system hoses.
> Any help deciding which parts to order will be greatly appreciated.  My
> cylinder head should be here on Wed, so I need to get these parts ordered
> soon.  Also, if I have left out anything obvious that I will need please let
> me know.
> Thanks,
> Mike
> '01 VW Jetta 1.8T
> '88 Audi 90Q
> '81 VW Rabbit (2.0L 16V project)
> '81 VW Pickup (Diesel project)
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