[Vwdiesel] Crappy fuel? (was Touareg)

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Isn't the high sulfur content in US fuels being blamed for a lot of the
intake / intercooler "crudding up" that's occurring in the TDI's?  Maybe
all the emphasis on EGR necessitates low sulfur fuel...  to me that's a
big waste of effort.


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> because it requires clean diesel and we don't have any. Same reason
>  > Mercedes,
>  > Audi, Toyota, etc don't import any of there diesels to the US
>  > VW only
>  > imports it's 1.9TDI which they detuned just for the US market to
>  > on crappy fuel.

  I keep seeing this argument over and over and I don't quite understand
why, especially in this group.  The big difference is in the sulfur
then cetane.  Neither of these, especially the sulfur will keep the
from running well.  Poor cetane ratings will give less power,
and economy than a good fuel but unless it's absolute crap then the
engine will still run a good long time.  The sulfur being the main
that's generally heard has to do with emissions rather than drivability.
can't use any of the fancy CAT's with sulfur content.  I believe these
mostly to combat NOx.
  If I'm all wet on this I'd like to actually know, but part of what
makes a
diesel great is that it will run on quite a variety of fuels.  To call
the US
fuel garbage and non-digestible to the new diesels seems to be quite
the overstatement to me and seems to be the result of what is broadcast
by the "greenies" that don't like diesels.
  Am I way off???
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