[Vwdiesel] Crappy fuel? (was Touareg)

TexasTDI TexasVWdriver at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 24 14:37:45 EST 2003

I quickly and cheaply solved my EGR and CCV problems.  Using VAG-COM I
adjusted the EGR so it doesn't activate as often.  And I disconnected the
CCV so that it vents into the air instead of my intake.  I need my TDI to
last as long as possible with minimum maintenance.

Chris Thornton
1991 VW Jetta GL 2 Door 1.6D - 234k miles
2000 VW Golf GLS 1.9TDI 130hp/229ftlbs - 77k miles
Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants Dealer #1098500

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> great explaination,  that makes tons of sense, you are
> talking about a lot of motor re-working if you want
> that same production motor to run in the US.
> Thanks, Bryan
> 82 Westy Diesel 1.9 NA
> --- TexasTDI <TexasVWdriver at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > Our higher sulphur diesel won't allow us to use the
> > same catalytic
> > converters and particulate traps that Europe does.
> > But the main reason the
> > EGR and intake get clogged up is because the EGR
> > lets in sooty exhaust into
> > the intake and the CCV lets in oily vapors from the
> > motor into the intake.
> > Add these two together and you get a clogged intake
> > and EGR.
> >
> > Chris Thornton

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