[Vwdiesel] Crappy fuel? (was Touareg)

Nate Wall nwall at opei.org
Mon Feb 24 16:03:58 EST 2003

I ran a draft tube on the '85 Jetta TD for about half a year to see if the
oil in the intake stopped since I thought the turbo might be leaking it (it
did stop, so it was blowby vapor in the intake), but after about 6 months
when adjusting the valves, I noticed a gritty substance on the innards of the
cylinder head, very noticeable, where the oil circulates. After this, I
disconnected the draft tube (about 5 feet of 7/8 inch heater hose w/ a copper
90 elbow on the bottom, cut off at a 45 degree angle). I then carefully
studied the draft tube set-ups on heavy-duty diesel engines at truck shows
and by talking to design engineers (I worked w/ truck manufacturers at the
time). There is a filter on engine block where the draft tube comes out to
prevent dirt from getting into the engine. My thought is that dirt and sand
either migrated up the draft tube and into the motor, or was sucked past the
engine seals due to negative pressure in the crancase. At a 70 MPH higway
speed, this could be substantial. I can't recall if I removed the pressure
regulator when I put on the draft tube (I think it prevents this neg.
pressure from the turbo sucking air past the breather opening in the intake
boot). Well, after I re-installed the breather to factory specs, end of
gritty stuff in the cylinder head. W/ that draft tube, you have an open
system. This may not be good.


TexasTDI wrote:

> I quickly and cheaply solved my EGR and CCV problems.  Using VAG-COM I
> adjusted the EGR so it doesn't activate as often.  And I disconnected the
> CCV so that it vents into the air instead of my intake.  I need my TDI to
> last as long as possible with minimum maintenance.
> Chris Thornton
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> > great explaination,  that makes tons of sense, you are
> > talking about a lot of motor re-working if you want
> > that same production motor to run in the US.
> >
> > Thanks, Bryan
> > 82 Westy Diesel 1.9 NA
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> > --- TexasTDI <TexasVWdriver at hotmail.com> wrote:
> > > Our higher sulphur diesel won't allow us to use the
> > > same catalytic
> > > converters and particulate traps that Europe does.
> > > But the main reason the
> > > EGR and intake get clogged up is because the EGR
> > > lets in sooty exhaust into
> > > the intake and the CCV lets in oily vapors from the
> > > motor into the intake.
> > > Add these two together and you get a clogged intake
> > > and EGR.
> > >
> > > Chris Thornton
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