[Vwdiesel] head gasket woes(way too long)

cass iscass at shaw.ca
Tue Feb 25 20:09:06 EST 2003

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the head gasket was a elring(sp?)
ive used them before..no problem..
i used the old non stretch bolts..
re-torque as per Bentley manual ..
cleaned bolt holes..
gasket on right side up..right new  head gasket..
coolant is still great..
today i checked block for warpage
its str8
ran a smooth file over  block surface...
there was disturbingly 'low spots' round all the holes.
i choose to ran the smooth file over the block surface
to get a better 'flat' surface  :o/
i know ive done this before on other diesel vw blocks
before rebuild with no problems...don't think i did it to this one though.
(will check projection after..but don't think it should significantly alter it)
i am also going to get some stretch bolts..
but i have the 'smaller' bolts..can i get stretch bolts in the smaller size?
im told there the same as the gas ones...wondering if i should use gas ones or stick
with the non stretch small hole ones for diesels?

thankyou again:o)


  Also, what torque procedure did you use?  You gave it a "warm-up" and "1000 mile"
  torque?  The bolt holes were very clean before installation?  The head gasket is
  right-side up?  You began with a new gasket?  The coolant is still good?


  Nate Wall wrote:

  > Who made the head gasket? and was it a diesel motor gasket? Erling (sp?)
  > is the brand you should be using. Its VW OEM.
  > --Nate
  > cass wrote:

  >>i completely  rebuilt this 1980 1.6NA diesel about 20,000 k ago.
  >>it ran great..except for a very small antifreeze bubble at the front
  >>of the gasket/head.
  >>right from the get go.
  >>a pin head really...i re torque the head...
  >>didn't get worse..didn't seem to affect anything..
  >>but i figgerd it was on borrowed time..
  >> i figgerd it might be that
  >>i had had the head resurfaced..and i felt the new surface as a wee bit
  >>but put it on anyways.
  >>but it didnt go away after re-tourquing
  >> i figgerd replacing the head gasket meant take the head in
  >>again to be re-resurfaced..

  >>it finally started to steam like there was no tomorrow..
  >>ran just a little on the hot side at this time.
  >>no oil in water..or vise versa..
  >>so i parked it n took off the head...
  >>now..this motor has NEVER been over heated..
  >>yet the head gasket looks like nothing ive ever seen.
  >>at least 8 different cracks..very obvious..
  >>everything elts is very normal looking...
  >>injectors  glow plugs ..cylinders..
  >>the gasket just looks like it really was drastically over heated n
  >>abused.. :o(
  >>so.. has any one elts seen this and can they tell me why a head gasket
  >>on a fairly new re-build
  >>never been even over hot...would do this?
  >>is this kinda normal?
  >>the car was running perfect  no really abnormal smoke..no loss of
  >>up till when it did the steam show.
  >>and it was taken off the road immediately..
  >>im a lil frustrated n concerned..
  >>thinks i should consider?
  >>thankyou in advance
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