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Sun Jan 5 16:11:17 EST 2003

#1)  Loren said the NA and the TD cranks may be different (hardened
journals on the TD)? But I'd imagine you can use either.

#3) Some people say to check the radial (side-to-side play on the
compressor wheel. And That it should be non-existent. I do not think that's
the case. The bearings are "floating" types (float in their journals). My
rebuilt turbo had very noticiable play, and the BRAND NEW Garret turbo I just
bought has the same play (Made in the mid 80s), so that logic will not work. My
way is to answer: "does the compressor or turbine wheel rub the housing?" and
"Is the turbo noisy?"

At 100, 000 miles on a turbo rebuild (originally had it professionally rebuilt
at '87,000 miles because the motor was using a quart of oil every 750 miles,
the rebuild did not help at all!--little did I know the motor had a broken
ring, which I discovered about 130,000 miles later on a teardown!!!!!, I pulled
my turbo and installed a rebuilt cartridge (the turbo was noisy at a certain
RPM range, a balance problem from the rebuilder, I think. (its second rebuild)
and I disassembled the old cartridge. Well, ALL most of the babbit metal was
gone from the bearings and the shaft was pretty worn looking.


Quoting Dave Snyder <dsnyder at goodnet.com>:

> OK, I pulled out my motor and I have found the death rattle's cause.
> It spun a rod bearing.  I'm thinking of going with a rebuild of the 1.6TD
> instead of buying the 1.9 TD Shortblock.
> So, questions abound!  Not really, just three!
> 1)  Does the 1983 1.6 TD motor use the same crankshaft as a 1.6NA motor?
> How
> about a 1.5 motor?
> 2)  For four oversized German TD pistons with rings, I'm getting quoted
> just
> under $500 locally.  Does anyone out there know of or have a source for
> these with a little better price?
> 3)  How can I tell if the bearings in the turbo are wearing out?  (Factory
> TD)
> Thanks in advance!
> Dave in Phoenix
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