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Sun Jan 12 15:05:39 EST 2003

On Sunday, Jan 12, 2003, at 12:04 US/Eastern, LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:

>   The interesting thing I see is first off she's admitting the motoring
> public
> is a bunch of sheep.  The statement about " -- and quite another to
> commit
> the marketing resources necessary to create the high demand" kind of
> sums
> that
> up!  Frankly I've never seen anything that I'd call heavy marketing in
> the
> field unless you want to count pickups.

I think she means quantity not content.  Apparently all the
new/upgraded/innovated domestic vehicles this year were SUV related.
Not one car.

>  Most of the SUV ads push the room
> in an SUV, which in the absence of station wagons and the presence of
> seat belt and car set laws, is important for medium to larger families
> to
> consider.  We used to be able to put a small to medium family in a
> Rabbit
> without threat of being called a negligent parent.  Now with the
> criminalization
> of not having a large car seat or seat belts for every passenger, we
> need
> much
> larger vehicles than we used to!  Not that those "ideas" are bad but
> when
> there's no exception, it creates demand for larger vehicles.

Totally agree...however,  SUVs are not a good solution in my mind.  The
US consumer has a big misconception that an SUV is safer for all
because it is bigger and stronger.  Poor emergency handling, high
center of gravity, incompatibility with guard rails etc.... Because of
these issues you are three times more likely to die in an SUV accident
than a car.[some NY times automotive columnist stats].  I am not
putting my kids in a vehicle with those stats.  I also have a hard time
dealing with the loop hole on SUV emissions.  They are not low usage

Like in Europe.. I think vans and wagons are safer more environmentally
friendly answers.  I have a Passat TDI wagon and two kids in car seats.

>   Th'uther thing was the impression that this recent campaign against
> SUV's
> has caused the increase of hybrids in the car shows.  Silly me, I
> always
> thought years of ideas and concepts when into making a concept
> vehicle, not
> months or weeks.

Right!  It is silly.  I don't understand why these people are pushing
hybrids.  I feel the average US consumer will need 5-6 years before
they will even consider a hybrid.  Especially in a larger
car/van/truck.  Hybrids are also not condusive to all driving
scenarios.  They are more effective for the short distance city driver
than the commuter who does highway driving.  It is too new.  A much
more sensible path would be to push better mileage and
....what......Diesel technology.  I think diesels will be the only
option that will satisfy the consumers current "need for speed", lower
Green House emissions, and increase mileage.

>   Leno did a good one again the other night.  He was referring to the
> "What
> would Jesus drive" anti SUV campaign.  "Hmmm, Jesus, carpenter, lots of
> tools, things to haul...  I think he'd be driving a big ole truck!"
> How
> true!  I
> believe he put people before the environment (casting the demons into
> the
> heard of swine or cursing the fig tree) the environment was/is under
> his
> command (calming the sea, casting the nets over the other side of the

Sorry, a few animals and a select group of trees are a little different
than the earth's atmosphere and all who rely on it.

Andy Miller

'96 Passat TDI Sedan
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