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Sun Jan 12 21:01:01 EST 2003

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hseaver at cybershamanix.com writes:

> Frankly, I'd really like to see Big Oil get put
>  in a serious hurt situation -- like all the gov't subsidies taken away from
>  them, especially the military.

  Then I guess you'd prefer to pay MUCH more for gas, diesel, food, clothing,
anything that's shipped, made from synthetics or uses petroleum in any
part of the production.
  Quite frankly I'm not in favor of a sudden change causing rapid inflation
and unemployment.  Seen it once before in the 70's.  Your scenario would
likely be much worse.

 If it weren't for those subsidies, especially
> the
>  gov't foreign policies and US troops in the Middle East, then 9/11 would
> never have happened.
  Changing that would make us Muslim?  The "order" they were working
from was to kill the infidels, so to speak, if they don't convert.  It's a
religious attack not a political one.  Well, kind of both since it contains
the co-mingling of church and state.

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