[Vwdiesel] SUV´`s --Terrorism ---and greenhouse (global) effect. 13 jan 2003.

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Jan 13 06:35:06 EST 2003

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LOL ---LOL -I came here to get help  ----getting a Rabbit diesel -that woul=
d work by -combining 3 scrappers 2 -1980 and one 1982.(The 1982 is running)=
    .----LOL an now I get involved in the affairs of the WORLD!!--LOL LOL.
I am past the 70 year mark -and still full of that ---!"American can do att=
itude"--was educated (Partly in the USA)  --LOL-
so I can NOT keep my yapper shut--TAKE THAT.
All people the -The Blunderbush  does NOT like --LOL are TERRORISTs--likewi=
se the "ENVIRO" --gang say (using the evil rule) ---that if you drive a SUV=
--(witout good reason)--you are aiding and abetting etc.--(BUSH DOCTRINE) -=
-the terrorist-----LOL seems like every terrorist sits in a POOL of Oil .
More on this if ever I can find time ----LOL got to go time that 107A pump =
feeding the 1.6(1982) VW rabbit.
Have fun--Hagar.

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