[Vwdiesel] SUVs--global warming-Terrorism-and JESUS.

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Jan 14 07:03:55 EST 2003

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"What would JESUS drive ?" --LOL   LOL   LOL.   More than the atmosphere is=
 HEATING up  ----LOL .
Every morning sitting here --I have a TV tuned to CNN early edition and "Sh=
owdown Iraq"----some of you understand.
The woman and her adds were on here for a couple of days.---LOL.

And "NUKES?" already ------NOW that's HEAT   ---- What do I stand for ?????=
 Lets do all that WE can. To DO something
to fix the problems. -----What should be done first ---(according to Hagar?=
)Education-Education and education.
Learn to read from the same page at the same time.A few good graphs goes a =
long way .

Pollutants and Greenhouse gas --IS NOT THE SAME  ---Warming gas no one ?? C=
O2. Biogas and Biodiesel ---does not roll back the amount of carbon in the =
atmosphere---only treads water ---effect ??  SMALL  but lets do it. I am tr=
ying my biodiesel soon -----instead of Propane I shall use CO ---yes carbon=
 monoxide.Why ? I am up to my as in Douglas Fir carbonwaste. ------More as =
time permit.

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