[Vwdiesel] Gassy diesel...

Forrest L King forrestking at juno.com
Thu Jan 16 19:59:04 EST 2003

He may be hesitant to go after the gas station... especially if , despite
his story, he was the 'gas jockey'...  :)

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003 07:32:10 -0800 worb at finning.ca writes:
> A few years back I sold my '82 Caddy to my father in law.  Not a good
> thing
> to do cause I've been forced to watch his string of bad luck and
> mishaps
> (dirty dogs in the cab, break ins, fender benders, hit and run on
> the rear
> quarter panel, etc, etc) on a car that used to be in nearly mint
> condition .
> Kinda painful for a car that you love.
> Anyways...  The last thing to happen broke my heart.  Some dipsh!t
> gas
> jockey put gas in the tank!!!!  He didn't realize until the engine
> stopped
> on him further down the road.  He claims he was able to baby it back
> home
> and then siphon the tank out.  My feel and from what I've seen
> happen to
> others in the past is that this engine is done (a transplanted '88
> NA).  He
> doesn't think so.  I'm trying to encourage him to go after the gas
> station
> for an engine.
> What does everyone feel the consequences would be of no action (to
> the
> engine)?
> TIA,
> Walter
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