[Vwdiesel] Fw: I found IT ---LOL long time ago.

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Texas and California have 48 cetane minimum fuel statewide.  }:o)

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When it comes to FUEL ----I can finally contribute to the forum ---WOW.
Cetane number --important -----NO standard enforcement in North
America ----bottom line -???? 40 .      not good ----WHY? not
higher ----money ----in the pockets of floggers.
Lubricity ? ----very very important for "Rotary" injection pumps----take my
word and check for yourself ---mad truckers all over the place when
Oilcompanies changed to low sulphur---fuel.    EU standard higher by LAW. DO
not trust Shell or ESSO to tell you the truth --------- # 1 Diesel or # 2
Diesel ???? ---- its not like potatoes ---- our diesels in general ---- best
to use # 2  -----Extreme low temt areas may have to use  # 1 at times. More
on how to adjust your own fuel  next time -----and how to test it (the
simple way) for lubrication  quality ----have fun LOL ---Hagar
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