[Vwdiesel] Origin of Rabbits ? ---

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Jan 19 13:44:13 EST 2003

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(it is raining out there)   --- When I was a boy in the poorhouse in Copenh=
agen ----in Berlin Herr. Alois Wienersnitselgruber ---was doodling on a pie=
ce of paper --muttering to himself ,that he Adolf (the greatest designer of=
 all time)--could do better than Henry.So he called in Dr. Porsche --to des=
ign an engine. The rest you know----The beetle LOL.
That was about 1938  ---now 2003 ---my wheels --are a clone of VW Germany.(=
Great design).
In 1944 plus minus ---General Rommel came down the road in his 4X4 VW and s=
topped next to me ---he stood up and looked around with a binocular ---and =
waved his arm a lot ----a little later the Army came and planted millions o=
f landmines.Two of my pals got killed by the mines on the 04May 1945 --war =
ended 05May 1945.
If it is good music ---I don't care who composed it---figure the rest.My cr=
eampuff Rabbit ---the one I am trying to get on the road ? 1980 1.5Litre NA=
 diesel --AzuresBlau metallic---95 000 Kliks since new----WOW.Am broke due =
to revenue collections agency (bunch of Swinehunds)---so I have to try to m=
ake one out of 3.   Hagar.

PS:   and with the help of the forum ---by GOD I shall succeed.

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