[Vwdiesel] broken bolts

Bradley Flubacher flub at adelphia.net
Sun Jan 19 16:19:40 EST 2003

This is a great idea.  I would also just heat the living heck out of the
area.  Pay closer attention to the aluminum around the bolt.  Also, give
the bolt's a sharp tap while they're very hot.


Forrest L King wrote:

>spray them down with some penetrant and cut a slot in the stud so that
>you can use a flat head screwdriver to unscrew them.
>On Sun, 19 Jan 2003 19:52:43 -0500 Paul Engle <engle31 at comcast.net>
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>>I need some assistance. I broke the two bolts that hold the coolant
>>housing on the side of the head by the oil sender. They are still
>>sticking out about 1/4 inch more or less. I ran out of day light so
>>tomorrow I'll try a prppane torch and good set of vice grips. Any
>>other suggestions?
>>The car keps spraying coolant somewhere around that same area. I
>>replaced all the holes in that area and the heater core(was
>>leaking). Same result, when the car heats up it blows coolant off
>>somewhere. I pull the metal tube from the water pump to see if I had
>>any pin holes. None that I can see.New hoses, new clamps, what's
>>next Thermostat?
>>Help please!!!!
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