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No more than any other TDI.  MAF's are known to fail.  Intakes and EGR's are
known to clog.  Just make sure it has all maintenance records.  Especially
concerning the timing belt.

I bought my 2000 Golf TDI used with 45k miles back in March 2002.  Paid
$14,300 plus TT&L.  10 months and 30k miles later, only problems so far are
a bad  MAF and airbag light has come on.

Chris Thornton
1991 VW Jetta GL 2 Door 1.6D - 234k miles
2000 VW Golf GLS 1.9TDI 130hp/229ftlbs - 75k miles
1998 VW Passat GLS 1.8T -- FOR SALE
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> I have a line on a 2000 GTS TDI, loaded for 14,500.
> Any major problems with the 2000 jetta?
> Price is well in line with blue book and it carries a 25k miles warranty.
> Plus it saves me about 8-10k.
> Bill T

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