[Vwdiesel] A bit off topic, but the key is for a jetta..

Bill Truesdell bhfarms at suscom-maine.net
Sat Jan 25 17:44:11 EST 2003

Harmon Seaver wrote:

>  So why do they want you to pay $200 at the service dept?
>  Or is that just for folks who can't program their TV remote? 8-)

$100 for the key and programming. It is the remote key. The valet key is
cheaper, but they did not say how cheap, since they are giving both to
me, free.

Since the owners manual also calls for the service department to replace
the key battery, you are probably right that their opinion of "drivers"
technical ability is fairly low. (The battery replacement probably
deprograms the key so it does make some sense- except they provide the
method of reprogramming in the owners manual- and it is easy.)

Bill T

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