[Vwdiesel] A bit off topic, but the key is for a jetta..

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Sat Jan 25 20:03:31 EST 2003

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> I don't know why they build cars so you can lock yourself out. I really like
>  the feature on my '82 vanagon -- you have to lock the drivers door with a
> key after getting out. Of course, if you really tried, you could lock the
> drivers door from the inside, then exit the passenger or side door, but ....

  I had a friend "help" me in such a fashion.  We were in the 914.  Most
German cars seem to like the don't-lock-your-keys-in-the-car feature.  It
was a safe area we were stopping and for just a minute.  I'd left the key
in the car and had no intention of locking the doors.  When we tried to
get back in the car, upon returning, the door was locked!  My friend
said he'd noticed I didn't lock the car so he'd reached across and
locked it for me!  Then he locked his!  I don't remember how we managed
to get back in but I commended him on his visual acuity in noticing I
hadn't locked the door but somehow managed to miss seeing the key
and it's HUGE dangly, hanging from the ignition!  :P

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