[Vwdiesel] VW rabbit diesel in Winter - "Lion in winter ?

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Sun Jan 26 10:37:10 EST 2003

>do not waste batterypower without first removing Banjofitting on top of
>pump. 10 " crescent will suffice.    --- IF pump is not full -   Fill from
small bottle

  I guess this is good info, but shouldn't be a problem unless you have a
leak somewhere.

>Use cold start device--pull knob full out. -- advances the injection pump

  Nope. If it's VERY cold, it starts better with it pushed in! I would
usually start cranking and if it didn't want to start, try putting the cold
start handle in the other position relative to where you started. Whatever

>A little praying  crossing of fingers and bodyenglish wont harm.

  Got that right! I find you have to hold your tongue just so.....  :-))


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