[Vwdiesel] A bit off topic, but the key is for a jetta..

Bill Truesdell bhfarms at suscom-maine.net
Sun Jan 26 10:59:48 EST 2003

Lee Hillsgrove wrote:

>>I re-read the owners manual and it only programs the remote. It looks
>>like it programs the new key not only to the alarm system but also the
>>open/close codes.
>>You do have to have the key programmed by the dealer. Will be
>>interesting to see what they do.
>  As I understand it, you don't need to have a dealer do it if you have two
>things: A copy of Vag-Com, and a WSC (workshop code). The WSC is something
>you have to get from the dealer, it's just a string of numbers. You may have
>to wrangle with them to get it, but AFAIK they are supposed to give it to
>you. They may tell you it is only good for one day. Agree with them, but
>know it is not.
> As a do-it-yourselfer or even as an interested car owner, Vag-Com is as
>necessary a tool as a set of metric sockets. It's a ripping deal for about
>$200 depending on what you need for an interface, considering all that you
>can do with it.
> I'm not sure how close you are to Richmond, but I know someone there with a
>copy of Vag-Com that would more than likely be happy to help you out for the
>cost of a 6-pack or something like that.  :-))  If you're interested, I can
>send you his e-mail offline.
> I have never done this operation myself, but I have read about it on
>Fred's, the Vag-Com site, and on the Vag-Com mailing list. My '98 does not
>have the immobilizer, so I didn't pay real close attention to it!
>  Lee
>  Oo-v-oO
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I am close to richmond- in fact closer to it than the dealer. Please
send me his email. Do not need to do it now, but can see I might need it
in the future.

And according to the owner's manual they are supposed to give you the code.

Bill T

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