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Sun Jan 26 22:17:09 EST 2003

Dito on about what to expect from a hone and new rings. I got about 40 K
miles on mine. Hell, $11/ hole to bore the block? Here in DC (Washington$$$$$),
I was quoted something like $450+ for a bore and hot tank on the block from the
machine shop!!!! AND I HAD TO TAKE IT TO THEM. Then again, a junk yard quoted
me $1,200 for a used NA diesel out of a wrecked Golf!!!! Guess what? Neither
got my business!


Quoting LBaird119 at aol.com:

>   Looks like two problems, since the compression wasn't anywhere close to
> even.  Could be broken rings but it'd have to be about 3 of them.  I'd
> expect
> first to be a blown head gasket with leaking valves and stuck rings tied
> for
> second.
>   I've done those quickie re-rings and I'd certainly spend the extra on
> either
> Total Seal rings or having your choice of rings modified by them.  Worn
> cylinders make a problem for a lasting re-ring.  If you just clean the
> groves
> and do new rings I'd expect 30K miles.  That's what I saw on 3 different
> occasions.
>   New pistons with rings and pins run from $250 to $350 for the set.
> Here it was $11/hole to bore plus tanking the block.  You do that and
> you'll want to do bearings, and the head, which you want to inspect
> even on a cheap re-ring so you have a chance of it lasting.
>      Loren
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