[Vwdiesel] Various body parts

Leslie Ahern leslieahern at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 27 17:25:11 EST 2003

Anyone out there have an idea where I can get replacement headlight
adjusters for my rabbit diesel pickup??  Mine are plastic and the threads
over time have just become stripped or the mountings have broken.  I've
thought about replacing them maybe with VW Fox headlight buckets.  THey look
similar... rectangular  4 x 6"???  Anyone know if they fit??
Also, today one of my windshield wiper arm CAPs flew off.  It was busted
anyhow due to age.  I think I really need to keep a cap on there to keep the
elements OUT.  Anyone have a good substitute for this cap??  Should I just
look around a hardward store???

Thanks much,

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