[Vwdiesel] Veggie smell

Kenneth E. Oldrid koldrid at uvm.edu
Tue Jul 8 14:25:01 EDT 2003

cool experiments! Glad to hear it has been working out for you. The heated 2nd
tank has been working great over here, but haven't tested its ability in the
cold yet. It's working so well on the older vw diesels, that I'll be converting
2 tdi's to a dual tank SVO system! One of them is my passat TDI with 208k on
it; the other is my roomates 03 jetta TDI wagon with less than 5k miles! Pretty
sure this will void his 100k warranty, but he thinks he can make it able to be
uninstalled without  a trace. I guess we'll see!

> At 10:12 AM 7/8/03 -0400, you wrote:
> >more! I've heard that vege, unlike biodiesel, doesn't readily mix with
> diesel.
> >However, I think as long as it is warm enough to be less viscous, it could
> mix.
> >They have different densities. Wonder if the 2 would stratify in your tank,
> >with a thick layer of vege oil on the bottom? Hope not.
> I did some experiments last winter with test jars outside in thecold
>  First test was pure veggie, canola, and soybean.
> Canola stayed fluid well below freezing.
> Soybean congeled into jelly.
> Next, tried mixing both 50% diesel.
> Canola + dieselstayed fluid, no stratafication in a week.
> Soybean+diesel stayed fluid, no stratafication in a week.
> Haven't tried it in the freezer yet, will try that soon and report.
> Have observed no ill seffects, although expect injector coking may require
> occasional full tank of petrodiesel to clear..
> I can't be bothered making biodiesel right now, as it would only be cents
> less than pump price for petro, and a lot of fuss, but I will burn veggie
> any othe r way I can. I have a tank and some lines ready, want to get a 6
> port valve, then I will try straight WVO.
> Sandy


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