[Vwdiesel] Re: GTI transmissionII say go for it! I love the 90-92 Golf and Jetta

greg rich greg4vwparts at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 11 10:34:58 EDT 2003

I say go for it! I love the 90-92 Golf and Jetta n\a diesel (CDN models)
with the close ratio transmissions, they make alot more sense cause your
always in the power band of the engine. Yes, your going 4000 rpm at 75mph,
but who needs to?
I find the stock ACH and AGS trannies (85-90 most diesels) suck in mountains
(like BC, I was constantly down to 2nd gear on the highway) and in the city,
always flooring it and little response (fueling screw set to smoke!), with
the close ratio trans only a little throttle input is required and off you
go, and you can cruise in 5th gear 90% of the time while in the city (I was
using fifth by 40mph, not lugging). Sure it is more shifting but better
economy and way more response. Yes, I said better economy with the close
ratio trans and easier to get in my experience (at low highway speeds,
You will run into two problems, make sure you have the correct axles for the
trans (100 mm input flanges instead of 90 for the diesel) and since it is
from an 83 make sure the shifter bracket will bolt onto the trans (three
long bolts), some A1 trannies were specific to the A1 body and could not be
retro fitted (studs instead of bolt holes)

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