[Vwdiesel] Rabbit doorhinge pin to change . ( drivers side LHD ).

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Jul 11 13:45:11 EDT 2003

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This for Nate Wall and archives.           Take door off ( piece of cake ) =
just two bolts and a flat piece of steel with a clevis.       Just did a 19=
82  with slop like the one of Nate's.   Thinking it was a simple door hinge=
 was my mistake ---so the first one became a PIA job.   The next one will b=
e a piece of cake.
Drift and BIG hammer drive them --UP --.   I found very little wear on pin =
(hardened steel)  it was the bushing that was --- GONE --       so before s=
tarting get a bushing from VW should be about a dime.
Wound up machining a steel bushing ( very difficult it is that thin) . next=
 will be a wrap of brass shimstock.
I made it a press fit and the door is tight as a drum.   One hard thing is =
the fact that you can not drift straight on .(sheet metal is in the way.)  =
The bushings are very short so little wonder they wear out .Thats a heavy d=
oor. ( ask my big toe).          Hagar.

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