[Vwdiesel] RE: Door Lock Update

Dave Heart teacher525 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 11 19:02:04 EDT 2003

I was advised by manager of BugAid in Seattle of the solution to the 81
Rabbit (and others) driver's side door lock design. OEM design requires a
fully closed door to enable locking it. So that keys don't get locked
inside. But this feature can damage add-on remote locking actuators or knock
off the linkage on the control rod, if driver's door is not fully closed.
Seems that someone else also wanted their add- on remote door locks to work
properly. So the solution they pointed out  was to remove the latch
mechanism and use a Dremel 1/4 inch conical bit to grind off the ear inside
that prevents the door from locking.  DaveH.

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