[Vwdiesel] 81 Pickup for Sale in Central CA

Mike and Tanya Atkisson mt.atkisson at verizon.net
Sat Jul 12 11:22:54 EDT 2003

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Due to an upcoming Military move I am putting my diesel Caddy up for sale.
It is an 81 with approx 166,700 miles. I put a rebuilt head on about two mo=
nths ago along will tons of new parts including all new hoses, belts, temp =
switches, water pump, radiator, strut inserts, and upper bearings to name a=
 few. New rear shocks will be installed next week.
The bottom end has been replaced by a VW Remanufactured unit at some point =
in it's life.
It is currently missing door panels and grille, but I have replacements on =
the way.
Truck has only minor surface rust. The three minor rust spots it had were j=
ust repaired with new metal welded in. None of them were structural. Truck =
has been in CA it's whole life.
It has big outside mirrors, good taillights, and an almost perfect rear bum=
per. Truck still has original rear tire carrier and factory 3 piece rear sl=
iding window.
Floor of bed is very wavy. It looks like it was used to haul stuff. There a=
re also some small dents on the back of the cab where the load looks like i=
t might have shifted. The tailgate looks like it has a very slight bend fro=
m the outside, but it is bowed on the back side.

Main thing truck needs is paint. It seems to be very thin in spots as it ha=
s some surface rust. Also has a few chips and a small crack in the windshie=
ld. Needs vacuum pump repair too. Brake pedal is very hard like there is no=
 power assist. (Should have it fixed by next week)

I am asking $1750 or best offer. I don't have any good pictures right now, =
but can take some if someone is interested.

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