[Vwdiesel] Rabbit 1984 1.6L Turbo ---- ( need help on lube ).

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Tue Jul 15 01:07:38 EDT 2003

Did not have time to check that I used the right (acceptable) lube.    In
crankcase  Wal-Mart  Tech 2000  SAE  15W40. In 5 speed tranny
 ESSO  Gear Oil  GX   80W -- 90    API   GL -- 5.

 I'm pretty sure you want to have GL-4 fluid in the transaxle. If my memory
serves me, GL-5 will tend to attack the yellow metals, such as the synchro
 Gear oil is not like motor oil as far as the ratings are concerned; While
motor oil ratings supercede one another and are forward compatible, gear
oils are not. So, while a GL-5 rating is newer, it is not necessarily
 Many people run Redline synthetic. Expensive, but worth it for better
winter shifting particularly, from what I have heard.

Here's a blast from the past, courtesy of Loren:

"In a message dated 99-03-21 17:11:54 EST, you write:

> Is there some sort of compatibility problem with GL-4 and GL-5? I would
>  like to use a synthetic tranny lube in my '91 Golf, but all the
>  synthetics that I have found are GL-5 rated and my car asks for GL-4. I
>  remember someone saying that using GL-5 in a tranny that is rated for
>  GL-4 will cause problems. Could someone explain or refute this?
   I've heard it two ways.  It has to do with a phosphorous bronze addative.
I've heard that one has it and will attack the synchros in a tranny
requiring the other.  I've heard that the addative is the required lubricant
(or something) that keeps the tranny that requires it, from wearing
excessively.   Anyway, put GL-4 where it is required and GL-5 where
it's required.  I know Amsoil makes both.  I had to look closely before
finding the GL-4 stuff.  It's cheaper too!  :)  Check closely to be sure,
whatever brand you buy.

>  ALSO: Can any of you Canadians recommend a place where one can find the
>  17 mm hex key or socket that is required for the drain & fill plugs on
>  my tranny? I looked around at the common places and couldn't find
>  anything. If you have bought one, could you give me an idea of its price
>  range too?

   Mac, Matco, Snap-on you can take a lug bolt and weld a nut to it or
double nut it and use that too.  Depending on where you find it, probably
$10 - $20.

 From my archives, and a message from the "old" diesel list!


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