[Vwdiesel] Radiator stuff ( burping my bunny back home --tra la la-- )

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Jul 15 18:42:32 EDT 2003

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The day started of GREAT  --I decided to take the advice given .(NO plain w=
ater no more). The de-humidifier made the water and the DIESEL glycol was o=
n hand.The new thermostat works like a charm,so I  decided to drain the sys=
tem and refill with glycol mixture ( Ethanediol? 60% H2O 40%.) 60/40 is min=
imum for engine protection.---Then the shit hit the fan !!! . First I forgo=
t to open valve to heater when draining.No problemo flush with garden hose =
-  A ok.  BUT when refilling she would only drink 4.0 Liter no matter what.=
 Book say 6.5 Liter ---so what happened ????. All that talk some time ago a=
bout burping --remember ? NOW I understand.      That is one pita burping. =
             Thanks again.       Hagar.

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