[Vwdiesel] Re: [Audi-VW-Diesels] Rear suspension issues

Brett dslfan at gwi.net
Fri Jul 18 15:02:24 EDT 2003

Good ASCII drawing Gary. :) Yeah, I think it's the bottom bushing as well. I
suppose I'll order some new bushings and see how that works out. The screwed
up assembly is on the driver's side now, it was originally on the
passenger's side. The passenger's side is now the good one, so I'm pretty
sure it's nothing with the tower or the body. Seems pretty much to be the
bushings, but I just wanted to get some advice from others that have more of
an idea about it. Would I be better off to go with the stock rubber
bushings, or should I bother with the polyurethane ones? The poly bushings
are about $4 cheaper for a set.


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>      ||      <- 1   End of shock shaft
>   __|__|___  <- 2   Shock nut
>   ___||___   \  Heavy upper flat washer
>   \      /   <- 3   Upper shock bushing
> -----  ------ <- 4  Body shock bushing cavity
>   /______\   <- 5   Bottom shock joint
>   ___||___   /  6   Heavy lower flat washer
>     |  |      <- 7   Shock shaft
>     |  |
> Sorry for the crude drawing, I hope it remains intact.
> But I suspect the heavy lower flat washer has been punched through by
> the shock shaft(easy fix), or,
> the shock bushing cavity in the body has been punched through(Ouch, not
> so easy. May require welding to repair).
> Did you try the driver side in the passenger position?
> When the shock is in the "punched up" position, Can you see the stepped
> thickness of the shock shaft? If so, then the lower flat washer is
> foobar.

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