Fw: [Vwdiesel] Amsoil

Dana Morphew kadm at pugetsound.net
Wed Jul 23 12:46:42 EDT 2003

Your length of change interval is the right idea. The oil companies
would like to promote changing oil with as brief an interval as they can
while still being able to maintain some credibility.  My low use
scenario certainly wouldn't shear the oil or load the oil with soot
enough to warrant changing after one year, so, if there is a valid
concern about getting it changed at 6 month intervals, it must be an
additive or two that is/are/might be too low to continue driving without
risking the health of the engine.  The question is, does the oil have a
"time clock" that begins ticking when the oil is poured into the sump?

Maybe I will finally send in a sample of my one year, 3000 mile, oil to
get the final call.


> Hey, if you listen to the Jiffy Lube folks, they say
> that the additives/oil wears out (begins to) after
> three months. If mileage is low, they say its
> indicative of short trips (usually???). Marketing
> hype, I think.
> I had a novel idea for oil change intervals: Base it
> on fuel consumption. Summer highway driving change
> intervals should be the longest, and fuel economy is
> greatest here. Winter driving fuel economy is less,
> and stop and go driving (severe use), well, we all
> know about the mileage you get w/ that. What do you
> all think?
> --Nate

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