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Here's an interesting way to decide when you should change your oil.


I personally like Theory 5: The Kublin Method.  For a diesel, substitute
torque for hp.

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> Hey, if you listen to the Jiffy Lube folks, they say
> that the additives/oil wears out (begins to) after
> three months. If mileage is low, they say its
> indicative of short trips (usually???). Marketing
> hype, I think.
> I had a novel idea for oil change intervals: Base it
> on fuel consumption. Summer highway driving change
> intervals should be the longest, and fuel economy is
> greatest here. Winter driving fuel economy is less,
> and stop and go driving (severe use), well, we all
> know about the mileage you get w/ that. What do you
> all think?
> --Nate

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