[Vwdiesel] TDI Questions --- ( Al Stumbaugh. ).

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Jul 25 22:03:35 EDT 2003

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A hillbilly suggestion   --- do not let anyone talk you out of it.     550 =
miles by side roads   in the summertime, piece of cake.                  --=
--. Tell us what type of oil you got in it.

Hillbilly  wisdom about breaking in goes something like this.   Regular oil=
 no additives.  As soon as oilconsumption stabilises change to what VW reco=
mmends for that one.   The chance of glazing the cylinders are there . But =
not likely if you follow the book you got with it.   I got a book for a 198=
4 1.6L Turbo Rabbit  and it tells how to drive it for the first 1000 miles.=
   No full throttle   but Hillbillies know that babying the thing is even w=
orse.    So give her a little snus now and again.   Got me dreaming ---old =
Hagar is in the rumpleseat (if only in his mind)    Have fun and let us kno=
w how it went.     Hagar.

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