[Vwdiesel] Turbo Diesel Exhaust Brake?

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Sat Jul 26 08:09:19 EDT 2003

Might want to check out the Jacobs web site. True Jake
Brakes used on the heavy trucks vary the valve action
where the exhaust valve stays CLOSED on the exhaust
stroke, creating engine drag. The poping sound herad
(the rapid BRRRRRRRRRRRR) is the exhaust valves
letting compressed air out into the exhaust. A
throttle plate would cause limited braking, about what
a gas engine provides.



--- "Tyler \"Casioqv\" Backman" <casioqv at usermail.com>
> I do a lot of heavy duty towing (5000-11000 pounds)
> with my Volvo 760TD
> (VW 2.4l turbo diesel engine) and have been
> considering designing an
> exhaust brake system to allow for stopping larger
> loads, and increasing
> the life of the brakes (even without a load). Many
> companies (such as
> Jacobs and Banks) sell exhaust brake systems for big
> pickups with
> Cummins and International motors that consist of a
> butterfly valve with
> a orifice in the exhaust after the turbo, which
> causes high exhaust
> backpressure (but regulated by the orifice) to help
> aid in engine
> braking when descending down a long grade with a
> heavy load. Does anyone
> know if this backpressure might cause any problems
> with the engine (such
> as blowing valve seals or turbo seals?) What if I
> were to install the
> butterfly valve (a throttle body from a gasoline
> engine) in the intake
> after the turbo to create a vaccum exhaust brake? I
> know I would
> probably have to also get a blow off valve for the
> turbo before the
> butterfly valve, so I don't get a backpressure
> shockwave when the valve
> closes. Do you think the vaccum would pull oil past
> the rings or valve
> seals? Also, does anyone know if perhaps VW
> installed a factory exhaust
> brake on these engines at some time? I know they
> were used in some
> pretty heavy duty vehicles such as the Pinzgauer
> (factory rated to tow
> 11,000 lbs) and large delivery vehicles.
> -Tyler
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