[Vwdiesel] Problems with top speed ( Forrest King please let us know what you find.)

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Jul 31 09:38:18 EDT 2003

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This is how I really learn ---- analytical thinking to eliminate causes unt=
il the right one is left. I use Boolean logic.       For those worried abou=
t being wrong - do not worry ---we all (I think) draw wrong conclusions fro=
m time to time.   SO speak up.    A little more info from Forrest would hel=
p=2E    I lean towards Lorens logic  for this reason.  Increased fuel consu=
mption rules out Screen in tank. ---we then move on to leaks  or dragging b=
rakes or timing or a combination. Leaky seal at injection pump sprocket wil=
l  do some of the things. If pump was not loose , and things were OK prior =
to fillup. Then it becomes easier. ---Was veggie ever used in pump ??? for =
example is very important. I am in the process of writing a thread dealing =
with the timing problems with "THIN" fuel. ---resulting in low power and lo=
t of smoke.  Did she smoke ??? .                 Hagar.

!981 1.6L NA is right in my bag   --- playing with two of these every day. =
   sure is some fun.

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