[Vwdiesel] Injection timing of old Volks --- by old Volks. ( hillbilly volks ).#1.

H .Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Jul 31 14:21:42 EDT 2003

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For some reason Hagars old Volks Rabbits no smoke and go like stink !  is t=
here a reason ???. If you are a fellow hillbilly and own a Rabbit say 1980 =
to 1984 read on.
This applies to Rabbits with Bosch pumps in the range 068 130 107 A and bet=
ter. The letter indicates 1.5L 0r 1.6L  and NA or Turbo. (ask around) . Aga=
in applies to Rabbits  with 100 000Km's on pump and injectors, or more. The=
 more clicks the more it works. ---- If you can say "ich bein einer billy" =
 you are in like flint.            First thing you got to do is give the  D=
ial indicator to wife and tell her to hide it for a month.. We  first prepa=
re the beast as follows.  Remove timing belt cover---and be prepared to dri=
ve with it off for a while.  Then meticulous cleaning  the area where the I=
njection pump  meets the plate at front bolt -- clean at least an inch.. Th=
en paint it white ( I used white nailpolish) later a line will be drawn wit=
h a black Pilot V  fineliner  fine .   Then take the big nylon plug out of =
transmission. Try to paint TDC area white.   Then check that cold start lev=
er --just strarts to ride the cam. With pull wire free you can feel the pre=
ssure when turning by hand. The lever is splined to shaft and can be moved =
in very small steps.     Boy oh boy we are just about ready --let the fun b=
egin.---intermission-----  By popular request I was asked to step on it , s=
o it will have to be in more than one part.Sorry about that.  How did this =
hillbilly get so good at finetuning these little wonders? in merely 5 years=
 ? that later.Great deal of credit goes to the solid standby's Like Loren.G=
ary Orlando,Roger Brown,Val Christian,James Hansen, et.al   and this archiv=
e=2EThe result is here to see. 1982 Rabbit 1.6LNA smoking slug (for 4 years=
) now goes like stink no smoke.  !984 1.6L Turbo Rabbit (got it mar 05 2003=
) was one wild thing when I first drove it belshing black smoke ---billowin=
g smoke ? Now goes like the wind NO SMOKE.. All done according to this proc=
edure.     ----intermission --- working on second part.      Hagar.

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