[Vwdiesel] injection line questions

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Wed Jun 4 00:38:34 EDT 2003

> > Anybody ever have an injection line crack and leak?  We have one D24
> >  Volvo that has had several injector lines crack and start to leak.
>   I've heard of this once or twice before and it seems like it was a loose
> injector pump bolt or two.  It was "working" the lines a bit until they'd
> break.

 Also might be caused by not loosening then retightening the lines after
rotating the pump to change the timing.
 One of the members on Fred's had several lines break on his Passat TDI, it
was tracked down to a missing bolt on the injector pump as Loren mentions,

 I remember seeing the temporary injector line in the Parts Place catalog,
yes. Not a bad addition to the car's toolbox, methinks.


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