[Vwdiesel] oil pressure sensors

Shawn Wright swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca
Wed Jun 4 07:49:57 EDT 2003

On 3 Jun 2003 at 20:28, Dennis Pantazis wrote:

> greetings all:
> oil pressure light flickers again. 85 1.6NA engine. comes on at startup, goes
> out. flickers for a while goes out. lather rinse and repeat. if it means
> anything, i traced lack of upshift light to the W terminal wire on the back of
> the alternator coming loose. i reconnected it works (well it annoys me).  i also
> had the valve cover off to change some valve shims. i am pretty sure that the
> gasket is back on right and the cover is tight. after all this the oil pressure
> light started acting up again
> i have one on the left end of the head. bentley is fsck'd, it reads that the
> 1.4bar sensor is on the head and the 0.3 bar sensor is on the oil filter
> bracket. the pictures and diagrams show the 1.4bar sensor on the oil fitler
> bracket and the low pressure on the head. cheap oil pressure unit reads 25psi+
> at idle, almost 75 at higer revs.
> on the bracket for the oil filter there is a plug near the engine. in the port
> closest to the radiator, there is a compression fitting going to the cheap
> aftermarket oil pressure guage in the cabin.
> i have new low and high pressure oil sensors. i want to put them both on AND use
> the oil pressure guage. can i simply put the low pressure on the hole that is
> plugged? bentley shows a pic of the turbo setup with and oil line coming out of
> the currenly used hole, i assume feeding the turbo.
> will this work?

It will work, but I'm not sure it's the best solution. If you have the low and high both on
the filter housing, the low will probably never activate unless you have no pressure at
all. The high pressure one is tied to the dynamic warning system that warns if
pressure drops when over 2k rpm, so this is the important one. I just removed the
low pressure sender from the head, and installed my mechanical gauge sender in its
place. If you want to keep the low, then a T fitting at the head makes the most sense.
Or you could put the gauge sender on the filter housing, but mine is a turbo so that
option is not available, and I also wanted to see the pressure at the head after all the
drop has occurred...

Shawn Wright
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