[Vwdiesel] Turbine Cars

Val Christian val at swamps.roc.ny.us
Wed Jun 4 18:31:07 EDT 2003

Compression ignition is the thread.

The last couple of weeks I've been evaluating various turboprop aircraft
for an application.  Singles like the Caravan and PC-12, and twins
like the King Air 350.  I have to say that I'm really impressed with
how much power comes out of a small little PT6 turbine and reduction
gear box.

Years ago, I seem to recall that turbine cars were used at Indy or some
race event, and within a year or so they were banned.

Sure, they are a little louder than a diesel, but they can burn the same
stuff, and if you're running a high percentage of power, they seem to
have good fuel specifics.  At idle, they're pretty bad.  Perhaps they'd
be well suited for a hybrid car, where one was storing energy for peak

Can anyone bring me up to date on turbine powered cars, in a commercial
sense (as opposed to racing sense)?

BTW, today I was wondering if I could find a gearbox adaptable to a
cruise missle sized turbine, that I could gear down and tack onto my
Exmark mower, to replace the old Kohler there.  Kinda like winding up
the Batmobile on Saturday morning, to mow up the lawn.  (Obviously,
they're not working me hard enough.)


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