[Vwdiesel] propane vs. nitrous...difference, benefits

Ron Schroeder rjs at bnl.gov
Thu Jun 5 14:10:00 EDT 2003


Better fuel economy (even including the propane)
some power increase on NA, more on TD
lower emissions
cheap to refill


Same or worse fuel economy
More power (if you injector pump is big enough
higher emissions
expensive to refill

You can use both.

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> Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 22:08:19 -0400
> From: Michael Hitchings <mhitchings at yahoo.com>
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> Subject: [Vwdiesel] propane vs. nitrous...difference, benefits
> Hey gang, I had read some of the benefits of nitrous and the benefits of
> propane. I don't think I am ready to put either on the TD that's coming
> my way, but I was wondering; what is the difference, what are the
> benefits of each, and can they be used in conjunction?
> Anyone know of any good visualizations of applications?  Especially in
> relation to diesels...I have seen plenty of gassers.
> Mikey

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