[Vwdiesel] E Code Lights For 01 Jetta TDI

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Sun Jun 8 10:52:40 EDT 2003

> BTW - the Euroswitch WILL NOT disconnect the DRL's.  You have to either
> remove relay 173 from the fuse panel or put a piece of tape over the "T"
> (I think it's the T pin) on the headlight switch.  I removed the relay
> myself in both cars.  IMO it's easier.  And I was never harassed at my
> inspections.

 Another vote here against DRLs. I'm smart enough to know when I need my
lights on, thanks. GM is especially bad as far as glare goes during the day.
At least my wife's Grand Am has the light sensor which turns all the light
on when it gets dark. We never use the headlight switch! Stupid high beams
during the day, though.  :-((
 It's the only small yellow wire in the headlight switch plug that needs to
be disabled. Cut it, run it through a toggle switch, or just cut a piece of
scotch tape in half lengthwise and fold it over the corresponding pin on the
headlight switch. Works for me.
 If you remove the relay, that will work too, but you will lose your
emergency brake indicator on the dash.
 As mentioned, see if the wiring is already there, it may be. If so, you'll
be set to go! You might have to source a relay to plug into the appropriate
place on the fuse panel if the A4s are set up like my A3. No big deal, the
Bentley shows which socket is for the fogs. Might have to add a fuse, too.


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