[Vwdiesel] E Code Lights For 01 Jetta TDI

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Sun Jun 8 11:26:00 EDT 2003

"If you remove the relay, that will work too, but you will lose your
emergency brake indicator on the dash."

Only on certain models.  I lost the E-brake indicator on my 2000 Golf, but
not on my 1998 Passat.

Chris Thornton
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> > BTW - the Euroswitch WILL NOT disconnect the DRL's.  You have to either
> > remove relay 173 from the fuse panel or put a piece of tape over the "T"
> pin
> > (I think it's the T pin) on the headlight switch.  I removed the relay
> > myself in both cars.  IMO it's easier.  And I was never harassed at my
> > inspections.
>  Another vote here against DRLs. I'm smart enough to know when I need my
> lights on, thanks. GM is especially bad as far as glare goes during the
> At least my wife's Grand Am has the light sensor which turns all the light
> on when it gets dark. We never use the headlight switch! Stupid high beams
> during the day, though.  :-((
>  It's the only small yellow wire in the headlight switch plug that needs
> be disabled. Cut it, run it through a toggle switch, or just cut a piece
> scotch tape in half lengthwise and fold it over the corresponding pin on
> headlight switch. Works for me.
>  If you remove the relay, that will work too, but you will lose your
> emergency brake indicator on the dash.
>  As mentioned, see if the wiring is already there, it may be. If so,
> be set to go! You might have to source a relay to plug into the
> place on the fuse panel if the A4s are set up like my A3. No big deal, the
> Bentley shows which socket is for the fogs. Might have to add a fuse, too.
>   Lee
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